Saturday, November 5, 2011

workable weekend

well, the glasses are working.   that's all we can ask for this weekend!  what also worked was the kids first trip to the movies (i thought that'd be a good way to "break in" the glasses - a big does of "seeing something" - and it was great).  we saw puss in boots and the kids not only loved the movie, the loved the MOVIES.  we'll start seeing movies from now on when they are suitable for my children.  we'll also buy puss in boots when it comes out on DVD.

another thing i just did was interview the kids about their daddy.  that's always fun to do.  i did it back in june for fathers day and i thought since it'd been 6 months, it would be fun to update it.  so, my questions are in black, kendal's responses are in blue, and holly's in red.  started this at 10:43 on a saturday morning.  took about 5 - 10 minutes per kid.

1.  How old is daddy?

2.  What color hair does daddy have?

3.  What color eyes does daddy have?

4. What does daddy like to wear?
shirts and pants

5. What does daddy like to eat? (last night, daddy ate a salad and a hamburger)

6. Is daddy smart?  (they both said yes). How do you know?
goes to work.

7. What does daddy do at work?
looks at computer
R-R.  (then she said) E-B-O at work.

8. What does daddy always say/tell you?
go potty
talk about grandpa

9. What makes daddy  happy?
(she smiled and pointed at her teeth)

10. If daddy could go on a trip, where would he go?  Who would he take with him?
on a boat, me.
i don't know.  i don't know.

11. What do you really love it when daddy does?
when he goes to work.  ( i questioned that - but he explained it meant because that meant daddy comes back after work.)
go on the ship (she was probably stuck on #10, we will be taking a cruise soon)

12. if you could give daddy anything, what would it be?
a present.  (what would be in the present?)  a bear.
a present.  (what would be in the present?)  open it.  (what would be inside the present if you opened it?)  a bird.

13. What is your favorite thing about daddy?
that he goes to work and looks at a computer all the time.
shower. (daddy was in the shower)

14.  Is there anything else you would like to say about daddy?
can i go play now?
can i go watch tv now?

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