Thursday, November 10, 2011

november 9 thankful for...

i had another long field day today, just 10 hours alone of driving to pisgah forest (the town) and only 1 hour out of the car at the site.  great bunch of folks down there in transylvania county.  but, i sure missed seeing my kids this morning and after work.  BUT, what i'm thankful for, besides a safe drive there and back, was the HUGE TUB of palsie's caramel popcorn that the hinkles brought me today as a thank you gift for taking their pictures!  oh my goodness.  i ate it for supper last night.  wow.

i also brought a gallon size bag to eat at work today.

i'm gonna be eating a lot of popcorn this weekend too.  it is my absolute favorite in the world.  thanks lynnelle!

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