Wednesday, November 2, 2011

what i want wednesday

what i want today - healthy eyes for kendal

kendal is such a special child.  he has never had a regular doctor and i don't know why i thought this would have been any different. thus far in his short four years, he's had an orthopedist (for his toes), a neurologist, a radiologist, a urologist, another orthopedist (for his ankles and knees), two orthotist, at least three physical therapists, and now a ophthalmologist. 

last week, we took kendal to the eye doctor and he was immediately referred to a specialist, we didn't even finish the exam, the doctor said it wasn't worth it because with his vision, there was "nothing they could do for him in that office"  - i thought about how maybe there was a reason that i grew up with a best friend with bad vision. 

he tested really bad at that regular eye doctor so today we go to this one for more tests - the kid may have horrible vision! or, supposedly he could have been "tricking" the  machines (which is unlikely he could be tricking it that much - his prescription could possibly be as bad as a +8 in both eyes!!!!)  I pray that he was tricking that machine.   kendal's specialist appointment is today.  his eyes will be dilated today. 

at least he doesn't have allergies (we saved that one for holly).


  1. Hope he doesn't have sagging zonules...! I'll trade him one of my two eyes that average out to-8 in sphere (-7.5R/-8.5L... He definitely doesn't want my astigmatism! (-3.75 cyl in both eyes, torque/tilted @ 041R/148L for axes...). Add reading glasses (p200) on the bottom of my tri-focals, and I'm still only corrected to 20/30 in. both eyes...

    As you can see (pun!), I can sympathize with you and the little fellow, having just been to my opthamalogist a week ago. Eye insurance sure would have come in handy... .... ... after paying for it for the last for years when my prescription hadn't changed in any noticeable way...

  2. It's not really all that bad (to deal with), if his farsightedness is like my nearsightedmess... Nobody, not even you, will/would believe me if I said I can read big signs, or drive plenty safely (for the most part) without any glasses... Being farsighted has to be better than being nearsighted, he probably just cant see close detail, I'd think.

    And, one of the blogs I was suggested to read of yours (below) was called 'in-house studio', where you'd drawn heart-glasses on his face... Just proving that guys with glasses are too cute!



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