Thursday, December 30, 2010

Christmas: Homestyle

first glance at her new baby - that eats, drinks, and talks!  like we need another talking kid in our house...

woah, dad, look at this!  cars!!!

and kendal's first gun!

"look mom, my hand!"

kendal loves his view finder. however, he walks into walls when he "wears" it.

holly got a set of 6 eggs that break apart and become a sort-of matching game!

hand bells!

kendal's first playmobile!  a fire truck!  which, nicely, isn't loud.

holly really likes the handbells.

and kendal really likes the fire truck.

and, a turtle to ride on for holly!

...and in holly's stocking were sun glasses and M&Ms, which she ate for breakfast!

kendal also found sunglasses, but he was more interested in the tootsie rolls.

look at that colored mouth!  this girl loves some M&Ms.

1 comment:

  1. I think you and my cousin's wife must have shopped at the same spot for your little boy's Christmas pajamas... (Which I admit, look rather snazzy!) Did Kendal's have his name on them, under the snowman?



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