Friday, December 31, 2010

how to remove static cling

first, i have 3 bottles of static guard in this house - and 1 at work.  that stuff stinks, but it does work to remove static from your clothes and hair.  i hate static.  it hurts me, and i don't want it to "pop" my kids.  especially if the only thing that we touch is our lips. 

in the laundry room, i don't use fabric softener.  i do use dryer sheets but they are not any of the commercial kind that have scents or chemicals in them.  they are great in the summer but in the winter, they aren't even coming close to handling any of the static.  so, after standing in front of the dryer and spraying nearly every wad of clothes with static guard, i decided i was going to give the "chemical" sheets a try.

the next time i was in target, i looked at all of them.  gain, bounce, snuggle... they all are the same probably.  but, the snuggle specifically said that it worked to get rid of static.  so, i got snuggle.  it smelled ok.  i really don't like smells on my clothes but i prefer smells to static.

after nearly a month of using them, i can say with 100% efficiency, they work.  no more static in my dryer.  1 sheet per load is all it takes too.  with hesitation, i used it on the towels too.  previously, i found that if towels had any sort of softener on them, that they seemed to repel or "push around" water rather than drying me off after a shower.  but, they still seem to do ok.  i'm going to give that credit to the awesome cleaning job my charlie's soap does in the wash - no softener build up on the towels from cycle to cycle.

so, if you are suffering from static in the dryer, i recommend snuggle dryer sheets!

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  1. Wow. What an exciting entry :-) I know, sometimes there just isn't much else to write about!



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