Sunday, December 12, 2010

it is what he says - or the way he says them?

kendal is such a character.  to us, he is the funniest kid ever.

here are some of his newer antics:

he makes up songs.
this one is to the tune of old macdonald:

old granddaddy had a mustache, EIEIO. with a tickle tickle here...

now to the tune of wheels on the bus:

the mamaw on the bus goes tickle tickle tickle... (yes, kendal LIKES to be tickled)
the melissa on the bus says "DIXIE!"
the uncle rob on the bus says "go upstairs"
the katelyn on the bus says "go outside"

the james on the bus says play play play (his friend at school)
i could go on and on and on...

one day last week when kendal was mad at me (because he was screaming in the car so i wouldn't take him to see the firetrucks), katelyn was calming him down by talking to her birds.  he told her that there was a mommy and a daddy bird and he wanted to let them out.  she told him that if they let them out that they would fly away.  he said "its ok, the mommy can fly away, i'll hold the daddy real tight."

another thing he does a lot now is say "i told you..." whenever something goes his way.  like when we see a bus on the way to school, "i told you we would see a bus!"  speaking of buses, when they are on his side of the car, they are "his".  when they are on holly's side of the car, they are holly's.  he takes possession of a lot of things.  like, a truck we may be following.  if it turns, he will exclaim "mommy, where is my truck!?!?!"  he also likes to beat things (as in competitively beat them) such as big trucks on the highway - when we get near them he'll tell me to drive fast so we can "get them."

elf on the shelf is a big hit this year and just reinforces the whole santa thing.  he was telling me this morning about how chris (our elf) went to see santa last night.  he loves finding him in the morning.  however, he does NOT like for chris to see him pee (so it was not a good idea to put chris in the bathroom) or to see him get his diaper changed (this morning he was in kendal's stocking and i tried to change his night-diaper under the tree.  kendal wouldn't let me). 

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  1. bahahahaha these are so funny when you read them all at once! Another song he sings is to the tune of the Fire truck song but it's about the school bus and how wonderful it is.



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