Saturday, December 18, 2010


i can't help it - no matter how much of a mess it is, i just love it.  i love to watch it, smell it, hear it - and see how excited the kids are about it.  when the weatherperson says it is gonna snow at night, i can't help but wake up every 2 hours and look out of the window to see if it has started snowing yet.  when the ground is finally getting white, i still feel like i am 10 and want to turn on the radio to hear "wake county schools are canceled" (except i really do not want to miss work).

kendal remembers sledding last year.  when it snowed a couple of weeks ago, he wanted to slide down the hill.  so, he remembered it on his own.  of coarse, it wasn't enough to sled.  and, neither is what we got yesterday.  but, both times have been enough to stomp in!  and, kendal loves to stomp in the snow.  kendal was sick yesterday and so nathaniel and i split up the work day.  i worked in the morning, and he worked in the afternoon.  before kendal would take a nap, he wanted to go outside and stomp in the snow.  there was like 4 little puffs of snow left on the ground.  and, he stepped in them all.  then he got his feet muddy!  he didn't like that. 

holly doesn't like the snow as much.  she doesn't like "dirty hands" and when the snow sticks to her gloves, they look dirty.  last year, she just wanted to eat it.  so, i don't think she remembers last year (not that i would expect her to).  she likes to see it but i all is not very interested in it.  she just likes to talk about everything and snow is just one more thing to discuss.  :)

i love snow though.  i can't wait to get a real big snow so that we can sled.  even if it does mean i can't go to work.  i suppose an unplanned family day will be good for the soul!  especially when no one is sick... and we can all enjoy it!

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  1. I am jealous (all we got was 5 min. of sleet, then rain the rest of the day); even as spoiled as I've been this year to already have seen it snow twice (and make at least one snowman, throw one perfect snowball, and catch a few big flakes on my tongue), I know how your boy feels... I want to be somewhere with hills when it snows! It's probably been at least 15 years, since I lived further north, that I've been able to do any appreciable sledding!



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