Sunday, December 19, 2010

holiday menu

i had to take mom's car to zebulon this afternoon and while i was waiting to meet dad, i noticed a note on the console.  this note was a list of items on a typical southern holiday menu! i'm guessing it is what they had for thanksgiving, but i bet it is what we'll eat on christmas eve!

fruit salad
peas (pink eye purple hulls)
butter beans
sweet potatoes
corn pudding
grean bean casserole
two meats, usually turkey and ham
dressing, sometimes two - regular and oyster
pickles, usually beet and sweet cucumber
mashed potatoes
cranberry sauce (out of a can!)
breads - corn bread and homemade biscuits and homemade yeast rolls
deviled eggs
sweet potato pie
pecan pie
grape pie is also on her list but i wouldn't say that is a traditional southern thing.  that is a mom thing!
sounds good, huh?


  1. Dude, stop making me even hungrier...

  2. dude, why don't you eat with us - you bring the eggs!

  3. No, it's Greap Pie, and they are not Pink Eyed Purple Hulls, they're Brown Eyed Poopy Holes!!

  4. Thanks for the offer, I'll have to bring y'all back some eggs from VA after I eat up there! If there are any leftovers (haha), let me know, though!



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