Monday, December 6, 2010

sick day

unlike ferris bueller's day off, i'm really sick.  i've got a stomach bug.  about mid-way through  my shower this morning, i felt like vomiting.  i haven't, but it's taken it's toll in other ways (eh, i've spent my share of time in the bathroom...)

HOWEVER, being at home today - all quiet, no kids or family here - reminded me that it has been a LONG time since i've had a "day off".  i mean, a real day off, all to myself.  so, this counts as it (even if i have spent much of it on the potty).  i've been at odds with myself on whether to officially rest, or get something done. 

now, since i'm sick (and i'm not at work), i know that means i need to rest (so i can get better - and go back to work tomorrow).  and, i will go back tomorrow.  i already feel much better.  i just ate lunch because i got hungry (plain pasta & mint seltzer water).  i think i'm completely empty now (except what i just put back in there - which will hopefully stay put!) 

anyway, i'm not tired.  i've not taken a nap, i haven't watched TV - i decided that i'd get the computer and work on gathering good shutterfly pictures to submit for further review.  and, well i washed a few clothes (that took minimal effort).  i also put another blanket on our bed (i've been cold all day even with the heat on 70!)  just a bit ago i made some banana bread (because when i went downstairs to make some lunch i noticed the flies were out - the bananas were WAY overripe, so to bread they became).  that took little effort, i did that while the noodles were cooking.  the bread is still baking now.

what i WISH i could have done was finish our outside decorations for christmas, which i do believe will not make it out this year.  if i had a car here, i would have taken our trash to the dump and our goodwill to, well, to goodwill.  i would have taken our extra coats to the coats for children drop off (which i'll have to do tomorrow during lunch), and i probably would have hit the louisburg walmart for groceries.  mom had to buy kendal's snack for this week (he's snack boy) because i didn't get it this weekend (was planning on getting it today!).  oh well.  guess it is a good thing we only have one car because i was better off sitting right here, "resting" 15' away from the toilet.  work, today, would have been a bad idea.  i'm glad i stayed home.  though, a ferris bueller day would have been better.

however, i don't know that ethically i could do it! (call in sick and not be sick...)  do you call in sick when you're not?  this whole working thing is new to me.  moms can't call in sick, and that is what i was before, thus why i haven't had a day off in a LONG time!!!  :) i'm not complaining though!  i miss my days of mommy.

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  1. When I was working, I would, on occasion, call in "sick" but really, it was just a mental health day. Sometimes I'd do nothing but eat Cap'n Crunch cereal and watch Gilligan's Island reruns (after sleeping in until noon or so). Other times, I'd do "something" for me, like, go somewhere (spa) or a museum or what not.

    I never felt bad about doing this because I worked so hard (including many late evenings and weekends) that I was never compensated for.

    Hope your day was nice and you ended up feeling better!



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