Monday, December 13, 2010

sarah palin

warning:  this is a rant!

i'm just wondering, am i the only woman in america that is NOT impressed with her?  she seems like she'd make a great hairdresser.  but, not a great leader.  i guess staring on a cable/network TV reality show sorta disqualifies her as a leader now, eh?  i don't get cable but i have watched the show one time.  and, all i could think about is "you QUIT a governor job to do what?"  does anybody know?  wouldn't being the governor of a state for which you decided to run (or accepted a nomination) take priority to everything except being a christian, a wife, and a mother?  and unless those three things weren't being affected (and she never said they were), then why would you quit your job?  i guess i'm just not impressed with anything she says or does.  it takes more than a straight teeth and a nice smile to woo me.  and, i don't care if you can fish and hunt - that is only good for the food on YOUR table.  not everyone "IN AMERICA" has access to nice fishing boats with their own captains and hunting clubs where they probably clean and dress the animals for you. 

it just seems like every monday there about 15 posts from my FB friends (usually woman - heck, ALWAYS women) who are commenting on how wonderful sarah palin is.  really?  what is she doing that is so great?  it is a TV show.  most of the filming is edited out so that what airs is "palin approved" - i'm pretty sure that living and working in nature is not glamorous!  so if she's breathing "smoke" from the cold air and/or the flags are a'whipping from a stiff wind, and her nose is never red, then she's kept warm somewhere until time to film.  it is cold in alaska, you know! reality tv means that what you are watching is, in reality, not what really happened.

on second thought, i couldn't imagine sarah palin doing hair.  maybe she would make a good nail technician:  works with her hands, could talk a lot, but not be responsible for anything too important (like someone's hair!)


  1. what i like about her so much is the fact that she seems so "normal"...not lawyer-ish or politician-ish (like those words?) and certainly not like anything else/anybody else "running" this country...and somebody needs to do something different to turn this ship around...

    i think she's very relatable and has the interests at heart that most normal americans would...

    so, would she make the best president? maybe not, is she better than what we have? probably...well, DEFINITELY there's my 2 cents (since you probably ready MY facebook post this morning ;) haha)

  2. Nothing on reality television is real. I am not, nor have I ever been, impressed by this woman. To me, she is THE reason we have the president we do. Regardless, I believe in supporting our president without prejudice towards party. You can either make with what you've got, or complain. Complaining is the easy way out.

  3. She is amusing but I sure wouldn't vote for her.



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