Monday, March 23, 2009

is it the older he gets... or the angle of the camera?

here is yet another set of semi-bad pictures of kendal, but what i think is funny and unique about these is that here, kendal looks [more like] his dad! maybe it is the faces he's making, maybe it is the angle of the camera. boy can he make some funny faces! what i was trying to do was to get a cute picture of kendal and holly to send with the easter cards. fortunately, i did get some good ones (thanks to nathaniel who was helping me by getting their attention). anyway, here is one that isn't so good... but what i think is funny about it... is the MONSTER teeth showing in kendal's mouth!!! (here they are zoomed in.)


  1. I've noticed lately that he is looking more like Nathaniel. Love the monster teeth! Tracie

  2. That was a lot of fun. Man, I love our kids.

  3. Yep...definitely looking more like Nathaniel.
    Love the Holly/Kendal picture!
    I wish I could harvest Kendal's eyelashed...

  4. Haha - these are awesome! What a personality he's got! Naomi is having the same photography problems lately. She ends up with all these sarcastic shots. Loved the ones you sent for Easter, too! - LK



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