Saturday, March 7, 2009

ramdom photo cd

i found a random photo cd today while trying to 'kendal proof' the bookshelf. wasn't sure what was on it, so i put it in my cd drive. most of it was anza borrego photos from march 2006 when we went. however, there was a sweet little treat at the end - here are some of them!
one of the few flowers melissa's ever grown. eatin' leaves! not sure where this is, or why i have it. but, thought it was cute! and proof that rob WAS home for some of the time! g always had loose pants. hope she's always got the problem of being tall and thin. so cute. i can't wait to get this swingset at my house. already decided that we likely will get about a 10 x 10 plot of sod to sit it on. it'll make for softer falls. a fresh tatoon! sweet little bubba. i remember when kendal was that small. and soon holly will be that big! this picture was the most interesting not because of me, but because of faith. holly is going to look a lot like her. she has the same jaws, chin, nose, and eyes. shape and color. i've been thinking lately that the center of holly's eyes are "flesh" colored, which made me think they were gonna turn. but, faith has that same fleshy center. so pretty.
(by the way, you can click on any of the photos to see them larger. much much larger!)

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  1. That picture of Rob and the kids was right before he left for Iraq the first time. We were at the Wright Brothers' monument in Kitty Hawk.



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