Thursday, March 5, 2009

the "what if" plan

lately, i've come up with a plan... you know... if i loose my job. this is kinda a far fetched plan, but really, i think it is realistic. and if i wasn't a mom, i don't think i would have ever seen the need for this - but, no matter where you live, no matter what you do, or where you go... there are never enough daycare facilities. just in this area, trying to find one for kendal - most places have waiting lists longer than the gestation period. really. you basically have to get ON the waiting list when you first find out you are pregnant (like at 8 weeks pregnant) so your baby can get in there when he/she is 4 or 5 months old. that is a long long waiting list. god forbid that when your child is 12 months old you decide that he/she is ready for daycare. you get put on a different sort of waiting list - basically that waiting list is for kids to either be pulled out of daycare, or move away. because, the kids moving up from the baby room get priority into the toddler room, so you get behind them in line. anyway, my point here is that with such a growing population, there isn't enough daycares around. and now i'm not even mentioning prices... when i was calling around for kendal's daycare, there was one that was like between $500 and $600 A WEEK that still had a 6 month waiting list. no kidding. that one was in wake forest (i didn't call any in raleigh, just ones in a 20 mile radius). most in the WF area were $200 to $300 per week (per child) and had 9 to 12 month waiting lists for the 1 year room. well in 1 year, he'll be 2. :) anyway, luckily, there are two small daycares near our house. the closer of the two did have a 6 month waiting list for the 1 year room, but the one further away (a whole 5 miles) - well they did have an opening in the baby room... and the owner was in the process of hiring a new toddler teacher, which meant within the month she'd have space for 5 new toddlers (the student teacher ratio for toddlers is 5:1 as required by the state). so actually by the time he started, she had a new teacher and he went right into the toddler room. kendal loves his new school. he's been there almost two months now. i love it too. his teachers are so nice, and so are the owners. i really feel like they care about him. he's almost always happy to get there, and always happy to see us come get him. he even says "school" now. so i've picked out a name for my to-be-daycare if it ever happens. caterpillar clubhouse childcare. and in each room i want to paint a tree mural on the wall so it looks like a tree house in every room.


  1. Move caterpillar clubhouse to Washington and I know I can get you no less than 3 kids!

  2. And I can guarantee you one three year old teacher...



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