Monday, March 30, 2009

What do you want?

I'll be the first to admit that I eat out way too much. I haven't the time to cook. Heck, I hardly have the time to eat. If it weren't for frozen meals, I don't think I'd ever eat. I will say, though, that my kids (only Kendal at this point) rarely eats fast food. I do take the time to "cook" him meals. Its easy for him since he only eats cheese sandwiches and oranges, with the occasional cracker or two. Easy breezy. Anyway, I digress. yesterday i dropped by nathaniel's office for lunch. holly's lunch. i ate early, but she was hungry. it was about 1:30, and he hadn't eaten yet. so i offered to give him a ride to a drive thru somewhere close. he picked McDs. how many times have we been through McDs? probably hundreds, thousands of times in our lives. but this is how it goes when WE go through one now (i also do this at chick filet, which is another common stop for us): {approaching the menu board} me (driving): what do you want? nathaniel: i don't know. me: you don't know? why don't you know? how many times have you seen the menu? you have to tell me what you want before we get to the menu or i'm picking something for you (like a fish sandwich). nathaniel: i just need to look. me (getting louder and louder and speaking faster and faster): do you want a burger? lettuce? cheese? double? triple? chicken? grilled? fried? salad? WHAT DO YOU WANT??? nathaniel (as soon as the menu is in sight): geez. i'll take a number [13, grilled] with a tea. anyway, do YOU have to look at the menu to know what you want? (i understand that maybe you have to see what number it is, if you want a combo, but do you have to see it to know WHAT you want - i.e. a burger or a chicken sandwich?) am i asking too much? i always know what i want before i get to the menu.


  1. I always know what I want before I get to a place. :-)

  2. I thought you were writing about Gary for a minute.....

  3. Women...

    I wait to read the menu to see if there is something new, something on special OR I do it to push her buttons because I know she is going to say something like clockwork.

    It's kind of like me identifying roadkill... I'm not as stupid as I appear to be.

  4. you would intentionally try to irritate me? well, now that you've set that ball in motion, its only fair that i do the same, right?

    except i am not. because i've already been divorced once.

  5. I do not intentionally try to irritate, I just know what you are going to say.



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