Thursday, March 19, 2009

the random cat story

yesterday mom and i went to clayton to visit katelyn. i took kate a box of produce, it was in the back of my car. when we got there, kate came down and got kendal, i took up holly. mom went ahead up the stairs (she has to hold on, can't tote a kid.) i opened the hatch so the food wouldn't get hot. my windows and sunroof were cracked, but not very much. kate went right back down and got the food. she locked my car and came back up. after about 1-1/2 hours, we all except mom went to the playground. i parked, kate took kendal to the swing, i got the stroller out, got holly, and we went over and joined kate and kendal. kendal loves to swing and aparently he likes to slide too. we stayed there for about an hour. my windows and sunroof were cracked, but not very much. when we were done playing (it was getting late), we went to get in the car. strangly enough, there was a gray cat sitting on the console between the front two seats. kate opened the passenger door, and the cat ran out.


  1. I had an anole do the same thing earlier this week, when I was out in Craven Co. with Festus and the new Amy... It's funny, b/c I'd been dreaming/thinking about how it'd be cool to have an Anolis carolinensis for a pet... So, I kept him, and will let him go in a couple of weeks!

  2. What???
    Maybe the cat had been in there for a while? Crazy thought!

  3. I'm sure it just jumped in between you opening it and Kate coming down for the food.
    When Rob and I were still meeting in McAlester, OK there was a Walmart I would stop at to rest -- somewhere in OK. I would often have at least one cat with me in the car. The walmart parking lot also had cats -- lots of cats. One time, I went in and came out to find 4 cats on my car -- smelling the one on the inside. Nose to nose with my 1 inch of space I cracked the windows. Glad I didn't open them more!! I could've had stowaways!



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