Sunday, March 29, 2009

k&h sitting around

this isn't an exciting video, and it is kinda long, but for those of you who'd like a little insight to the daily interactions between kendal and holly, here is about 2 and a half minutes of it during wonder pets. kendal is sick, so he's a little less hyper than usual, & holly is ALL about watching him now. of coarse, he still wants to play with her too. the doctor said to minimize his contact with her (since he has some unknow virus that appears like strep but has a negative culture) which is a joke (to keep him away from her). he wants to get inside her skin, so to speak - so this was the best we could do to have him close but not constantly licking her. yes, licking her. he likes to lick her hands and feet. and head. he likes to lick her head, forehead, cheeks, shoulder, whatever he can get close to. he just loves her so much. won't be long before she's licking back either i'm sure. too bad they won't love each other like this forever (well until puberty). i suppose that'd be too much to ask, 2 kids, 15 months apart, no fighting. he's gotten into holding hands lately too, as you can see in this video. and we decided that when kendal is sick, wonder pets should be on tv ALL THE TIME. thanks mom and dad T for the wonderpets DVD that he got for christmas. its been a life saver. and he feels all better today. fever is practically gone and so is the rash. his nose is still runny but not like it was. maybe he can get out of PJs today.

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  1. I could watch that all day. what a sweet boy! I can't wait to experience this one day!



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