Friday, March 13, 2009

sit down!!!

when i was growing up (and maybe i've blogged about this before), but there was a bridge that mom called the "sit down bridge." it was before 401 was 6 lanes, before capital was more than 4 lanes... and it was really just a single lane underpass. it was also before seatbealts were required. (i.e. LONG TIME AGO!!!) well this morning, it took nathaniel an hour to get to work. you know - rain - slows the world down. i asked him why - he said traffic. i said "wrecks, or just slow?" he said "wreck at the sit down bridge." how funny is that. the bridge that is there now isn't the same one as the original, but he even knows it now as the sit down bridge. lol.

1 comment:

    Have you told him about the UP BUMP at Wake Crossroads? Before they fixed that intersection, when you were a named it the UP BUMP!



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