Wednesday, March 4, 2009

random stuff

1. who tells katie couric her hair looks good like that? uugh. i can't even watch her anymore. with her hair short and that deep deep voice, its like shes turning into a man. 2. huggies overnites have saved my days. for a while there, kendal was soaking through his diapers every night (after he started sleeping on his belly). i'm a die hard pampers user, so it was tough making the switch to huggies, though only at night. but, its been worth it. 3. speaking of diapers, i did a soaker comparison between the size 5 pampers baby dry, size 5 pampers cruiser, and size 5 huggies overnites. they all held 24 ounces of water without overflow, but when squeezed with light pressure, the baby dry easily let go a nice stream of water. the cruiser let released some less, and the overnight barely let a few drops out. i'm convinced you could absorb a lake with a jumbo bag of them. 4. i saw a pair of sheep today, i thought that was cool. 5. i like the way our yard is still whiter than most of the other yards in the 'hood. guess that means in the summer we really do have a cooler spot. wouldn't know it from our electric bills! 6. kendal and holly have the same chin when they cry. i don't like seeing them cry, but i do love seeing their flat chin. it is so cute. 7. i've been car shopping, and i had finally narrowed my choices to 3 vehicles. turns out one of the 3 have been discontinued. what a bummer. it was the least expensive of them. 8. i'm really excited that my friends tina and chris are pregnant. i can't think of any couple who would make cooler parents (who aren't already parents, anyway). 9. my sister got a pair of birds today. how cool is that! i think she should name them pete and repeat (for nathaniel), or... magnum and pi. (by the way, kate, they are budgerigars - from australia, and in the US for some reason are grouped with parrots, though they are not parrots at all (parakeets, small parrots).) cute birds though, after they are a year old, the males' beak where their nostrils are will turn purple or blue. the females' beak stays beak colored (white/tan). FYI! 10. holly's appetite has finally back up to normal. kendal's is getting there. 11. kendal has a pair of jeans with dinosaurs on them, and though they came with a shirt that matched (with a plaid dino on it), nathaniel always pairs those jeans with an orange striped shirt that jon and shannon gave him for his birthday. whenever nathaniel dresses kendal, it is ALWAYS in those pants and that shirt. too bad those pants are almost too small. when i asked nathaniel what he was going to do when those pants didn't fit, he said he was going to go buy another pair in the next size up. haha. 12. during my whole pregnancy with holly, i hated shrimp. well, i'm totally making up for it now because i can't get enough of them. 13. kendal can say backpack and watch and he knows what to do when you ask him to set his drink back up (because it is knocked over). 14. nathaniel's nose is runny today. even worse than kendal's. 15. kendal is an expert sitter-upper now and when we put him to bed (in the crib), he sits up and plays and plays. he arranges his stuffed animals and his blanket, then he'll lay on top of them, then he sits back up - repeat. he's also become an evening pooper now, so we have to keep an ear open for the grunts. no one likes to sleep with a dirty diaper! 16. made a cheesecake today, wasn't quite as easy as the one alton brown made on good eats. hopefully it'll taste good. that is, if it ever gets done. its already cooked twice as long as the one he cooked... and it still isn't done. 17. bo had three teeth pulled today during his dental cleaning (both upper molars plus one of the upper premolars). then he ate a bowl of food when he got home. poor cat. i put hot water on his food and let it sit so it was soft. the doctor said the root was exposed with the premolar! apparently some cats are just predisposed to mouth rot, just like humans. no wonder his breath stinks! 18. speaking of bo, we've upped his antidepressents now to 1 whole pill (10 mg/d). he seems to be doing ok. he is just a big cat, requires more pill than most cats, i suppose. 19. holly is really strong. she reminds me of naomi, the way she already likes to stand and hold her body straight and all. her neck is way way stronger than kendals was at this age. 20. hum. last one. what can i say. i got a new project at work last week (last wednesday) and i haven't even looked at it yet. need to get on it. it is just this type of "not a rush" project that turns into a "need it next week" project that i haven't even started! ok! that's it!


  1. That is funny about Nathaniel and dressing Kendal in that same outfit. It made me laugh when he said he would by the same pants in the next size!! Also, I heard about Tina and Chris, too. That is so great for them!

  2. #7. What cars are you interested in? We're also in the market and my Father's been giving us some good advice...



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