Monday, April 27, 2009

bath time for me (long time ago) and belly time for holly

if my mom wasn't only 26 in this picture, wouldn't you think that it was holly getting a bath? (this is me at about 4 or 5 months) holly didn't particularly like belly time this morning. maybe because it was also nap time. maybe it was because i just opened the windows thus her nose had immediately stopped up, so she was snotty. its a darn good thing she doesn't mind the bugger puller. either way, check out these legs. aren't they sweet? and just for the record of it, i did try to give her a tiny bit of oatmeal this morning - really just to see if i was right and she'd spit it out. (at her 4 month appt last wednesday, the doctor said i could try and feed her "solid" food - but i don't think she's ready because she still has a strong thrust reflex - where they push stuff out with their tongue). i was right. (not only did it all come out, she made a horribly ugly face to go along with it.) maybe i'll try again in a month.


  1. Not only does Holly look like baby-you (especially in the way you both like to cock your head sideways when you're looking around), but that picture really shows how much you look like your mama/Dene!

  2. Hey! Thanks for visiting me! I LOVE the fact that you use the NOT IT rule too! It is one of my favorites! Hope too see you again, I will be back for yours...

  3. That's almost eerie how much Holly looks like you did!



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