Thursday, April 30, 2009

when you gotta go...

when you gotta go... consider the offroad commode. really, this is a good idea. strange, but good. for $40, you buy a toilet-seat attachment for the hitch on your truck/SUV/(car) so when you're offroading (or just pulled off the road), you have the "comforts of home" just off the backside of your vehicle. just remember to turn your car off (esp. if you gutted your catalytic converter to enhance the sound in your dual exhaust). this brings "everything but the kitchen sink" to a whole new level, wouldn't you say? (ps, saw this on WRAL's strangenews this morning. i didn't just stumble across this myself...)


  1. This is soooo Gary! If I had a nickel for every time he had to pull over somewhere in the middle of nowhere to go.....

  2. I heard the name of "Bumper Dumper" for it today... We may get one of those for my former supervisor's retirement... ;)



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