Monday, April 13, 2009

zoo trip

it was a nice warm day last sunday when we went to the NC zoo for the third time this year. we lathered up with sunblock for this trip! holly got to wear her new sun hat. she looked cute in it, didn't she? the giraffe's were just coming out from their lunch break. even the elephants were visible and moving around! and this is the first time we've seen the ostriches! this was a quick trip, we only had a couple hours, so we breezed through the africa side. one thing i did not get a picture of was the chimp that kept making faces at kendal. he'd come up to him at the glass and make the upper lip face at him and then walk away. according to the sign they have there, they aren't sure what that face means. it isn't a smile, but it isn't a sign of aggression either. who knows. maybe he was saying "love the red hair, dude!"

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