Monday, April 13, 2009

easter egg hunt in clayton

went to riverwood last saturday for their easter egg hunt. kendal was really not interested in the eggs. we didn't even have a basket, i didn't think he'd need one. we got to the 0-2 age field which was roped off... he said "ball, ball!" then we had to keep him away until it was time to go in. when we finally did get to go in, he just wanted to say hi to all the kids in there with him - so finally i sat him on the ground and put an egg in his lap - he picked it up and threw it. so i got another, showed him it would open (though it was not the time to open the eggs), he was completely unimpressed - and threw it again. so, we just kept walking around saying hi and once the field was clear, we went back to the stroller and had a snack.

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