Wednesday, April 29, 2009

new shoes and scribbling

so exited that i got a new pair of sneakers today. mizuno (my favorite brand) wave creation 10 - they are awesome. if you are in the market for a new pair, i urge you to try these on. i got these at omega sports, but i know they also have them at dicks and REI. prices are all the same, more or less. on another topic, since yesterday, kendal has started scribbling. yesterday, he was still making dots with the crayons. today, he's all out scribbling. its cute too! my little picaso... another random note... bought wine for my book club meeting on friday night - when i got home, mom noticed that one of the bottles (the more expensive one actually) was a screw top. and i chose it from all the other sauvignon blancs because #1 it was recommended by one of the staff, #2 it had the highest rating (a 93) out of all the wines i could find, and #3 it was american. weird about the screw top, who ever heard of a good wine having a screw top? may as well been in a box. oh well, i wish i had noticed this in the store, i probably wouldn't have gotten it. we'll see though. maybe it'll turn out to be good.


  1. About the screw top wine... check where it was bottled. Some states do not allow corked bottles out of their state. Our favorite Saint James Vineyard in Missouri is that way. We can get it here, but it is screwtop.

  2. HEY, I like screw top! Means you can actually reseal it...which is something you can't do with a cork. Save the bottle and the screw top for us--if we ever attempt the winemaking again we'll need it!




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