Thursday, April 30, 2009

life for the 19th EN

here's the harsh reality of life for some for the next year (BTW it is already 90 degrees with 13% humidity there - which feels like phoenix did last year when we were there... HOTTTTT!): (the site i went to when i clicked on the "i": ) (disclaimer: i have no idea if this is where rob is going and if it turns out that this is near it, it was just a lucky guess on my part. i just know this is the "region" i.e. southern afghanistan - so any reference to this area in particular is just by chance on my part. i just thought those holes (qanats) looked interesting so i zoomed in to see what they were... and i found out. then the poppy photos interested me... and then the whole "bost fort ... and he lived to tell about it" reference kinda caught my eye on page two.)

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