Tuesday, April 28, 2009

panic! swine flu!

boy does our media (and government) send out waves of horror much like the "war of the worlds" film. panic! swine flu! one thing that particularly gets on my nerves is the reference to people using hand sanitizer (e.g. antibacterial gel/foam) to stop the spread of the VIRUS. granted, there are some things that do claim to kill viruses (lysol, but you can't rub your hands in it). hand sanitizer, however, doesn't kill viruses - it contains triclosin which doesn't even actually kill the bacteria... but it is typically associated with bacteria such as e.coli (i.e. for folks who don't wash their hands after they poop). here is a good website explaining the whats and whys of antibacterial soaps... anyway, my point here is that if you TRULY want to stop the spread of any and all germs (bacterial, viral, just plain dirt, etc.), you should wash your hands in soap and water. antibacterial soap is optional. just the fact you are washing is half the battle! so get that soap and water and wash away! leave that antibacterial gel for removing marker!

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