Sunday, April 19, 2009

the word list

though i am a few days late for kendal's 19 month birthday, i wanted to post his word list (mostly as a reminder for myself). i have this all on a dry erase board, which happens to magically erase itself too often. (probably all those papers i stack on top of it... hence why i wanted to post it somewhere more permanent!) so, here are his words/phrases as of today! (* means something you would understand too!) (^ means he also knows that sign!) dog* milk^ da da* ma ma* holly (ah, ah, ah - he says it over and over. boy does he love her so much.) mamaw* (sounds like ma ma but with extra syllables) granddaddy cat* woof* moo back-pack* (thanks dora!) school* (kool - has a little bit of the sk sound on the front side) hi* bye* more^ (it is cute seeing his little hands point together) all done^ (he uses the sign more than he uses the word) outside* (ahside) see it* ball (baaawwwwwllll) baby* (he says it more the spanish be-be) night night* (ni-nite) book shoe* thank you (tan-tu) cheese cracker tea* no* (no no no no no no no, this one is usually repeated over and over and over and over... with a shaking head!) uh-oh* sutter (classmate) tyler (classmate) blanket truck* (which interestingly he says it without moving his lips. its really cute.) see ya later (sometimes doesn't have the later...) wonder pets ming ming* (wonder pets character) tuck* (another wonder pets character) WOW!* (they say that on wonder pets, now he says it often - at the appropriate times, like when he gets food or snack, etc. it is my favorite thing he says besides his sweet little "mama" like the lost kangaroo says on wonder pets - kinda a singing "MA ma" which i love to hear too. i always sing back "BAby" like the mama kangaroo.) car* (says it with a boston accent... cah) bird* sock* tripp (classmate) caleb (classmate) josh (this one i had to figure out. my photo screen saver was on and he kept saying "ahj" (similar to holly - ah - but with a j sound on the end) when i finally figured out he was saying josh.) katelyn (kate kate) amen* (men-men... really sweet when combined with the praying hands)


  1. Nose, ear, belly, piggie-piggie (his toes), tickle-tickle, monk-monk, peep-pie, bird, firetruck, more, tea, thank you,star
    These are words he said TODAY, to ME

  2. Sorry, I repeated quite a few because I couldn't remember if they were on your list.

  3. i did forget a bunch! thanks mom!

  4. TEA TOW!

    Whatever that means!

  5. And when he says Katelyn, it comes out Ta-tin and is so cute..over and over again!



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