Friday, May 22, 2009

american pride car wash coupon

american pride car washes are those drive through touch-free washes that you can find around wake county (and johnston county too apparently). today i went through the one in wake forest and the owner (who was very nice and also a vietnam vet) scrubbed the bugs off my hood and gave me a discount coupon good for the entire summer. it is just a code, so anyone can use it. (this is only for the most expensive wash, at the one i was at today was the $10 wash. the next less expensive wash is $8 (which is the one i got today)... so basicaly you'd get the BEST one for the next best price!) thought i'd post it on here so ya'll could use it too: "To celebrate our nation's birthday, American Pride is giving you $2.00 off our best wash "the Works Wash" from June 1st to August 31st, 2009. Simply enter your secret code to savings on the key pad before selecting a wash or depsiting money and the cashier will prompt you to enter the balance due to receive "the Works Wash" for $2.00 less than the normal price. Use the code as often as you like through August 31st, 2009 with our compliments. Thank you for choosing American Pride touchfree Laserwash. Your secret code is 3210. This offer is good at any of the following American Pride Car Washes: Angier 801 N. Main St. across from PO Cary 125 S. West Maynard Rd. Clayton 11571 Hwy 70 W. (Clayton Corners Shopping Center) Fuquay Varina 7510 Purfoy Road (behind Taco Bell) Garner 1421 Hwy 70 W Knightdale 913 McKnight Dr. (next to Walmart) Raleigh 3806 NewBern Ave, 1901 E. Millbrook Rd., 9200 Brier Creek Parkway (next to fire station) Smithfield 1203 N. Bri8ghtleaf Blvd (across from Lowe's) Wake Forest 12317 Capital Blvd (behind KFC), S. Main St. (Next to Advance Auto)


  1. I will have to try it. The cheapest I've found is Autobell $13.95. I see there is one of these in Brier Creek...yey...

  2. What an amazing deal! I have used it twice already and my car came out much cleaner than when I took it to Auto Bell.

  3. Your experience will be best every time with the best budget suitable. Just look for a sample that suits your business. san francisco car wash



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