Friday, May 22, 2009

this or that

Coke or Pepsi? coke Regular pool or heated pool? heated, since i think that implies that it is indoor (thus out of the sun's harmful rays) Hot tea or ice tea? iced (and sweetened!) Sunflower or daisy? daisy Red rose or pink rose? pink Salt or pepper? pepper Red or Green Apple? green Red or Blue? red Christmas or Thanksgiving? Christmas Pink or Green? this one is close... i'm gonna have to say green, but again - very close! Hamburger or Hotdogs? hamburger (yuck to hotdogs!) Music or Movies? music Heaven or hell? heaven!! Comedy or horror? comedy Purse or backpack? purse Myspace or Facebook? facebook Paris or England? well, i've not been to either, but i'd say i'd prefer to visit england simply because i already know the language! Milky Way or Snickers? snickers Vanilla or Chocolate? chocolate Phone or Internet? internet Steak or Shrimp? shrimp (with a side of filet) Outdoors or Indoors indoors (unless there is shade or it isn't hot - then outdoors!)

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