Wednesday, May 27, 2009

so i'm not much of a political speaker (rather, sharer of my political thoughts), but last night i got to thinking about how obama's motto was "change we can believe in" and i just wanted to put down a few things that have changed since he took office. which i'm sure aren't a result of his being in office, but he IS in office, and he is the one who could change things if he wanted to... 1. third deployment - to a more dangerous area. need i say more. 2. fed govt 'cuts' our taxes, the state takes more of our paychecks and then furloughs hours. 3. we are paying a more for health insurance per month come july 1st, not to mention an increase in the copays and drug tiers. yup... our family of 4 who usually spends probably $150 a month on medical bills (copays to doctor visits, PT visits, and medicines) will now increase to over $200/month. add that to the $30 or so that is already increasing in our monthly dues! {3-1/2. add that increase in medical expenses to the decrease in salary... and you've got yourself about $100 difference PER MONTH in expendable income! maybe that doesn't hurt us too much, but what about those families whose ends barely met before the cut and raise?) 4. not that i was swamped with work last year, but this year i've only done TWO projects!!! that is even LESS than last year! i'd say that my job is on even thinner ice! (not to mean thin ice as in hockey season is over!) 5. has anyone seen the price of rice lately? the bag i used to get for less than $1 is now over $3. and i'm talking cheap-o white rice. 6. and he wants to close guantanimo bay? so sure there are already terrorists in our prisons, but does that mean we need more? that prison was established for a reason. would you like it if you knew that they were shipping some of them to OUR local federal-highsecurity prison? well i wouldn't. those men/women(?) are there for a reason! i certianly hope they are treated humanely, but i don't want them here. there needs to be some other solution if keeping that prison open is NOT a solution. 7. we own a new car, but our old one is now obsolete since the parent company is dissolved (pontiac). it is just a matter of time before our new car follows suit (gmc). well, i know last night i thought of more, and maybe i'll add to my list later, but holly is getting hungry so i must go. and i'm not saying that any other president could have done any better, just really. is this change we can believe in? or are they the ones counting our change? (no, they aren't counting it either because the US debt is larger than ever... after bailing out companies whose rich presidents and owners need to take dave ramsey's financial peace class! come on people!!!) maybe the things i dream are weird (like this past weekend when the house alarm "went off" at 11:30 pm on friday night and i quickly jumped up and disarmed it so it wouldn't wake the kids - not real smart, eh?) but like my dream on friday night, it made me think about things, so maybe that isn't so bad!

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