Saturday, May 16, 2009

vintage holly

this dress was worn by me, then melissa, then katelyn. it is made of the thinnest, gauze-like cotton. yesterday, holly was sick and feverish, plus it was hot and humid outside - it was the perfect day for a light dress like this. she actually loved wearing it. fortunately i have about 4 more just like it so she can keep wearing them on the hot days! you can't even tell she was sick! double ear infection plus her fever was over 101! she's a trooper (but poor me having two kids who just don't let you know when they are sick!)
she was smiling at kendal in this picture. he was calling her "guh guh" (we think it means good girl). kiss my foot! she likes to play with her dress! those cute little bloomers came from the silly goose! i suppose back in the old days we wore cloth diapers with a cover on them, thus no need for bloomers. isn't she pretty?


  1. That dress is so pretty! It has really held up well, hasn't it?



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