Thursday, May 28, 2009

holly's wardrobe

after having trouble buttoning some of holly's onesie's this past week, i went through holly's closet and sorted out the clothes that don't fit... this also prompted a trip into the attic to get out the 6 to 9 month "hand-me-down" bag of clothes (which some are new that we bought before she was borh). so i picked through them all, washed most of them (not the whites, mom was sick yesterday so i stayed away from her house), hung all that i washed - and in holly's closet, i moved around the ones that will fit soon, fit now, and, well you get the drift. (she is so long and lean that although she is 5 months old, she's been wearing lots of 3 month stuff. the 3 month stuff will fit her sometimes since she's so skinny. even some of her 6 month stuff is too big around the waist! so that is what i mean by sorting it by what doesn't fit, what fits now and what will fit soon...)
the 3 to 6 month rack
so not including the white clothes or my old clothes (the "vintage" clothes), holly has 22 outfits in the "3 to 6 month" range. these include "things that fit now." i know there are about 4 dresses that i wore back in the day, but i'm not sure how many white things will add to this collection. this also doesn't include random onesie's (she usually sleeps in those).
the 6 to 9 month rack
again, not including my old clothes OR any white outfits, i counted 26 - 6 to 9 month outfits to finish off our summer in the "things that will fit later" category. these things will definitely fit soon enough with her rapid rate of growth these days. she's eating good now that her ears have cleared up. i noticed that the 6 - 9 month rack has a nice little theme going on too... FRUIT! we have watermelon, lemons, strawberries... you name it. lots of fruity dresses on that rack. i can't wait for her to wear them!!! yay! a bunch of those dresses/outfits are ones that we bought last summer post-season when i was pregnant. the rest came from allison/samantha, melissa/grace-faith, and angela/krista. i'm SO grateful that my friends and family passed along such great clothes! i hope i can do the same after we finish having babies! you know i've saved every single thing (that wasn't stained) - so one day, somebody will rack up!

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  1. and in case you're wondering about why the whites aren't in there, our water has so much iron in it that i can't wash our whites in it without making them dingy. so, i just save them in a separate basket and take them to my moms about once a week. that way our whites always stay WHITE and i don't freak out about our nasty orange water. (its ok for bathing and drinking with the filter, just not white laundry!)



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