Monday, May 25, 2009

race day

i'm not a race fan, but that isn't a reason to not enjoy spending time with those who are, right??? yesterday, holly and i went to see nathaniel's parents while the race was on. i ate and ate and ate (as there is always way too much yummy food there) - so much so that i didn't even eat supper last night. still was stuffed! holly ate one time while we were there, and then she got sleepy. grammy took her and disappeared... turns out, she rocked her to sleep in THE cradle! (this is the cradle that grandpa made for ??? long time ago - maybe josh, the oldest cousin.) i think all the kids have used it - josh, natalie and zach, then kendal, i think sophie and jacqueline used it (but i'm not sure about that) - and now holly did too! how cute is she sleeping in it? she was sleeping good too, i had to wake her to leave!

1 comment:

  1. Yes he made it for Josh. I am pretty sure Z&N used it, too (since Ann had it until she loaned it back to mom and dad for Kendal to use).
    Not sure if J&S have been in it not...they might be too big now!



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