Wednesday, May 27, 2009

kendal vs holly @ 5 months

i thought for fun, i'd compare my two children since i always say they are polar opposites. so i got out my photo cds of kendal when he was 5 months... so not only can i talk about their actions, we can also look at how they look different! ok, so here goes! 1. first of all, kendal was a monster. at his 5 month weigh in, i measured him to be 16.65 lbs and 26-1/2 in long. holly measured in at 14.8 pounds and 25-1/2 inches long (or longer, not sure since that was her "official" length at 4 months). holly is such a tiny little thing, as you can tell by all the pictures! 2. kendal was already in size 3 diapers. holly just recently went up to the size 2 diapers - like maybe a month ago. she's nowhere near moving up to size 3. 3. kendal had so much hair at 5 months. he already had those curls down in front of his ears. holly... well, if you didn't get close you'd think she was still bald. poor kid. glad it isn't the winter on her head. 4. at 5 months, kendal wasn't doing to well holding up his head. he most certainly wasn't rolling over. he liked to sleep on his belly and i'd let him for naps, but it was all-back sleeping for nighttime. holly, on the other hand, can roll from belly to back with no problem, and can almost roll from back to belly. she also ALWAYS sleeps on her side, unless she is really zonked out, then you may find her on her back. 5. speaking of sleeping, kendal, at 5 months, was (and had been for 2 months) sleeping through the night. holly, on the other hand, still wakes up 2 or 3 times to eat. there is no end in sight when it comes to a wakeless night for her, i suspect. 6. and speaking of mobility, kendal was pretty much a stay-put baby until he learned how to scoot at about 15 months. holly, however, for at least a month or two scoots on her back. you can't leave her anywhere unless you barricade her in with elevation (i.e. a pillow under the covers/rug so that she can't scoot UP it). she's already had carpet burn on the back of her head! 7. kendal LOVED to take nice, warm baths. he always has (still does). and when i mean warm, i mean like you and i would like to take. holly not only doesn't really like a bath, she doesn't even like warm baths. the water i have to put her in is cold (to me) - if it is warm at all she arches her back (and i'm talking lukewarm water is too hot, room temperature water is what she prefers). she hasn't even splashed in the bath yet. kendal by this point was splashing so much the ceiling was getting a bath!!! 8. kendal was and still is a great shopper. that kid loves people and social settings. holly, however, is a homebody. she is not a good shopper. yesterday she and i went to smithfield and she was miserable - screamed so loud and so much that i got the "horrible mom" stare from lots of folks. there wasn't anything wrong with her, she just doesn't like to leave the house. 9. kendal was eating 6 - 6oz bottles a day plus solid food at 5 months. holly, however, she's a picky eater. she sometimes eats 2 oz, sometimes 4 oz, and sometimes 6 oz. (yes, we waste a lot of formula in this house.) and as for solid food, well she makes the most horrible face every time i try to give her any. she isn't ready for it yet. well, she IS ready - she watches, opens her mouth, etc. just when i give her oatmeal or pears or whatever, she spits it out like it tastes bad. dad gave her a tiny piece of bread yesterday and she actually chewed on it for a while and ended up swallowing it. with no ugly faces too! so who knows. she is a finicky one! 10. though you can't tell it from these pictures of holly, she typically is very camera shy. kendal, he was always such a ham for the camera. i really have to WORK to get her to smile. again, a way they are different! 11. kendal always loved his paci. later he came to love his blanket. holly, she loves her blanket. the paci comes second. kendal was also into rattles by this point. she isn't so much, but she will play with them some. there are other toys she likes though - they aren't rattles. 12. i thought holly was white. but after looking at these pictures, kendal seems to be whiter!!! 13. by this point in kendal's life, he had had surgery once, a CT scan, and had been sick once. holly, well she's been to the ER 3 times for colds, has had 2 ear infections, 2 yeast infections, eczema, skin infection (where the carpet burn was), etc. i wouldn't say she is sickly by any means, but she sure has had her share of sick scares!!! (kendal's sick times came much later when he started daycare, and i'm sure he's where she gets all her germs! ...and i'm totally ok with that. i'd rather them be sick and under my care now then they are little than sick once they start school and have to miss tons of days! mom always said that she could tell the kids that had never "been out of the house" because they'd come to school the first day, miss a week, come again one day, miss another week, and pretty much continue that cycle of a variation of it for the entire first year of school! my kids won't be like that!!!) so that is it! and here is a cute little video i took of holly kind of giggling at me saying boo and fake-sneezing!


  1. I love that video, and I miss those noises! Such sweet baby sounds!

  2. I didn't realize Kendall was such a "hoss". He was and still is such a Leprechaun!
    Holly is little like YOU were! And her nose flairs just like yours did--and still does occasionally!



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