Tuesday, May 12, 2009

long time no blog

last week was rough. i'm still catching up on sleep. that is my #1 excuse for not blogging recently. (and by the way, dad is fine and pretty much back up to par - excuse the pun, because he isn't really playing any golf. but he is dusting potatoes and tomatoes and cutting grass (but not changing the blades) and napping holly just like normal.) anyway, i also haven't taken any pictures in over a week now of my kids, so that leaves me with not much to talk about. usually i like to accompany a blog with a picture of one of the cute little buggers. but, can't do that either. (well, not a new picture anyway.) but i do need to do some updating. so, here goes: 1. kendal is officially a walker. i mean, like the whole -if-you-turn-your-back-he-is-gone kind of walker. so now even the bathroom doors have holly's bloomers on them (because he likes to go in a room and shut the door, yet he cannot open the door unless it does not shut..) {insert useful tip: little baby bloomers really are great for wrapping around door knobs - you know how when your windows are open and the pressure changes and the door slam shut? well that helps the doors from SLAMMING or latching... plus if the bloomers are thick enough, they may actually keep little fingers from getting squished!} 2. holly can almost hold her own bottle. 3. holly can almost roll over. 4. holly almost always sleeps on her side now. 5. until last night, holly hadn't pooped for 10 days - which now she has pooped about 10 times today, and they have hurt her, she's a total grump today! (which is her first time being a grump so it is ok.) 6. kendal can walk backwards, and sometimes prefers this direction to the forwards one. 7. kendal can run (sort of, he tries to). 8. kendal is learning (with some success) to climb on the stairs. (talk about hitting tons of developmental milestones...) 9. kendal likes corn, but it has to be yellow corn. 10. tomorrow we start with a new physical therapist - in a clinical setting rather than at home. hopefully this will help him have a surge of learning much like he did when we started with our last therapist (who i loved, but it ended up was just at a bad time of day for him i think). 11. holly scoots so much on her back that #1 she's gotten carpet burn on the back of her head, and #2 she's ALMOST scooted off the bed. can't leave her alone anywhere either! so next time i take pictures, i'll post them. but for now, this is all i can think of!


  1. Wow! So much to report! It is a whole new ballgame at your house right now with both Kendal and Holly. What does Kendal think about the walking/running? His face probably says it all. Poor Holly and the no poop for 10 days-glad that is over.

  2. yay! So much development going on in your house! Between your toddler on the move and your infant trying to be on the move, you going to be a busy lady! How fun :) - LK



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