Saturday, July 18, 2009

friday five: pet peeves

this is a day late, but at the last minute yesterday i tried to get a guest blogger. and he couldn't think of five things. so, anyway, it is late. i was busy busy yesterday. 1. pet ice cream. really. pets aren't people. 2. pet toys in the shape of human luxuries like purses or foods stuffs (ice cream cone...). really. pet toys should be things like ropes and dog bones and feathers and squeakies (mice squeak!). you know, things like pets have in the wild. (though, one of ross's favorite toys was a squeaky ice cream toy. i suppose maybe i am off here with this peeve, but it is just a peeve list...) 3. flavored pet food. really. pet food should be flavored by what it is made of. granted, cats and dogs don't take down cows and chickens and catch salmon with their own mouths... but the food should be of a quality that the taste "speaks" for itself. 4. pet holidays. really. pets don't celebrate holidays. they don't believe in jesus and they don't know when they were born. heck, most mammals never even know who their daddy is! 5. pet spots. indoor animals don't need spots. they don't need chairs. and they don't need to sit on the couch. they don't need a spot. (they can have a spot if you want them there, but they aren't entitled to it, you see what i'm saying? some folks just think that they are entitled to a spot just like you and me.) (this blog is brought to you by an incident yesterday where maggie circled my mom, my dad, katelyn, and finally {gasp} me looking for her spot. katelyn finally told her to lay down on the floor and she did with the most pitiful face because SHE thought she deserved a spot up on the chairs with us! it was hilarious!)


  1. Ana, you give maggie too much credit. She doesn't "think she deserves a spot" anywhere! She just knows that it is comfortable and just fits her in one of the chairs, and that there are people around. And she does like people! And she does like to be comfortable. When you're her age, you can do that comfort. Until then, sit on the floor....!

  2. ONE MORE THING...Ross was so cute licking the icecream cone, you have to admit that. Quick, tell me 5 things that are licked.....the pet toy industry lucked out on the fact that dogs are going to lick something, it might as well be something that humans lick!

  3. Well, my comment to this is... why make chew toys in the shape of something that if the dog were to REALLY chew (purse, shoe, etc) they would get in trouble. I think dogs are intelligent, but that has to be a bit unnerving and confusing.

    "But you let me chew on THAT shoe..."



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