Wednesday, July 1, 2009

what i want wednesday - relief!

went to the neurologist yesterday, 3 months early for my checkup. i've been getting the worst headaches, and frequently too. for about the last 2 months, they've gone from 2 times a week to 3 times a week to every other day to nearly every day. my 8 relpax pills aren't enough to last a month anymore either. anyway, yesterday, this is what happened. PA: so what is the problem? me: my headaches are out of control. PA: did you switch to the generic? [about 2 months ago, a generic of topomax, my daily migraine preventative medicine, became available for purchase and i started taking that instead of the brand name.] me: yes, i switched about 2 months ago. PA: i think i only have 2 patients left who haven't come in for this yet. the generic doesn't work. you have to switch back to the brand name. ah, what a relief knowing that it was just my meds. i was kind of worried it was something else. i knew that nothing else had changed... not my diet, not my exercise (or lack of), not my stress, or anything. but those headaches, they were relentless! anyway, started taking the real stuff today. naturally, i got a migraine today, again. got one yesterday too. probably the day before too if i think about it. she said it'd take about 3 days to a week before the real stuff kicks in all the way. i'm ready for relief! that is what i want this wednesday! (or, by next wednesday!)

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