Friday, July 10, 2009

friday five - things i fear

these are the top five things i fear happened to ME. not happening to my family or friends. get it? 1. fire ants. and if you've ever stepped on a mound, you'd have this on your top five list too! 2. someone touching my eyeball. this also applies to my bellybutton, which makes it a near-miracle that i ever got it pierced. 3. crashing into a body of water. thankfully nathaniel bought me an emergency tool kit so that i can break a window to escape. these days with electric windows and locks, i don't feel that safe inside my car when i may crash into the water... 4. here is one that touches on the "personal" side... having a rectal exam. don't know why i fear it so much, but i do. 5. getting skin cancer again, and on my face where the scar isn't so acceptable. specifically, having to use that cream that my dad had to use that eats away the top layers of your skin. even he said it was painful, and from the look of his skin, he was right.

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