Wednesday, July 8, 2009

what i want wednesday - my brain back!

Memory loss
Memory lose Me m y l se me o l s m o e s e l o o
i've been going through quite a spell here lately with forgetting things. like, i forgot to pay the credit card. and i lost our car tax bill. and i forgot to remember to check for a $250 refund check that we were supposed to get about 3 weeks ago. that is only the start of it too... yesterday i thought the day was wednesday. but i knew it was tuesday. i thought i had a meeting yesterday at 1pm and if ed hadn't called and said "see you tomorrow" to which i said "you mean in a few hours" and then i had to check the sheet to make sure of who was right about the meeting day/time... and it was him, and mom- since just the day before she said "are you sure the meeting isn't on wednesday because last time it was on a wednesday?" but i said "no, its on a tuesday" - i would have been sitting in an empty meeting room for God knows how long! anyway, the darn meeting is today, not yesterday, so now at least i have my days straight. for at least 2 days anyway. so what i want today is to have my brain back! i'm not sure when i lost it, but for sure i did! (and PS, i stole that poem off another blog, though i clicked so fast i didn't get to link it...)

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