Saturday, July 18, 2009

workable weekend - REI member checks

several years ago (actually the year nathaniel bought his ASOLO boots), nathaniel joined REI. every year, we've ended up buying something somewhat big there. last year it was our baby back pack. we got a $37 check in January (their member rebate or something) that has since been attached to the fridge. well on another note, kendal's noggin has become a magnet for concrete flooring. we think it is his shoes (the ones that he has to wear with his braces). like my theory with the physical therapy (taking a break may help him - which did...), i/we've decided to take a break with the braces and shoes. this is because of the series of notes and notes we have to sign on a daily basis from school because he has fallen and caused large bumps on his head, cheeks, lips, etc. It doesn't just happen at school either, it happens with us too. just last weekend at pullen park, he tripped over his shoe and hit the ground hard as ever. remember those photos? remember that monster red mark on his forehead? anyway, we decided to buy him some new shoes and although i prefer stride rite, we had this coupon for REI and i know they have kid shoes, so we went there first just to see what they had. well... kendal LOVED these shoes. he literally was trying to put them on his feet. and then he ran me all over the store when them on. one funny thing, though, is that the salesman had a big red beard (scraggly beard). kendal was scared of him, cried when he saw him. wouldn't let him near. the guy was nice enough about it, i felt bad though. he didn't look scary to me, but aparently to a 22 month old he did! so i'll have to keep you posted on how he does this week standing upright...

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