Tuesday, July 7, 2009

top ten tuesday - bad things, good people

today's somber list comes about from something that happened sunday night. it made me think of a way to work it into today's list, which made me decide to make a list of ten bad things that have happened to good people i know. and no questions here as to who they happened to... if it is you, then don't comment about the incident in particular. it is just a list, not a discussion about the incidents, unless you want to comment about how bad things happen to good people... or about the daycare. it is the only one up for discussion! 1. people vandalized kendal's daycare. such nice people run that place, and there is no reason for them to have wanted anything in there. as a matter of a fact, they didn't take anything, they just destroyed the inside including spraying a fire extinguisher in the building (kitchen and lounge and 3 year old room) which doesn't seem like a big deal except for the fact the powder got into the vent system and so not only do the surfaces have to be cleaned, so does the duct work. we're on day 2 of no school... 2. domestic abuse. i've been fortunate enough, however, to have known at least one person through a period of leaving the abuser (with lots of therapy of coarse). what guts that takes!!! 3. molestation. 4. loosing a baby, especially one that isn't born yet, one that you never get to meet, hold, or kiss. 5. loosing a spouse in a drunk driving accident. 6. almost/loosing a child to a car accident. 7. loosing a child to cancer. 8. loosing a friend to cancer. 9. having cancer, whether you win the fight or not, it is still a bad thing that happens to good people. 10. bankruptcy because of circumstances beyond your control, not living beyond your means. 11. (i can have 11!) nut allergies!

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