Monday, July 13, 2009

manic monday - summer go away.

about the only thing i like about summer are summer colors. i hate the sun, i hate the hot, i hate the humidity... i do like the flowers, but there are flowers in spring when it isn't so hot. i do like tomatoes, and you can't really get fresh tomatoes except when it is hot. same for other garden veggies that pretty much the only time of the year that i eat them is when they are fresh out of my dad's garden. its true, the remaining part of the year i mostly do without veggies. (i'm not really a fan unless they are less than 24 hours picked...) i can't wait for fall. i can't wait for long pants and long sleeves. anything to cover my skin, i guess. i can't wait for any weather that provides an atmosphere for my hair to not wrap itself into the grooves of my neck and get stuck.


  1. If anyone is on board with you here, you know it is me. I am afraid we have a long way to go until fall...maybe we will get lucky this year and have a cooler Sept. and Oct.!

  2. At least I like to rub your hair when it is damp!



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