Thursday, February 17, 2011

an anniversary toast to my lovey friends

I started thinking about this topic a month ago.
(wait, i'm not using caps this time.  too much to pay attention to, i'm trying to write fast!)  
our anniversary was this past monday, which was also valentines day.  it was also my friends' paula and phillip's anniversary!  they've been married longer than us.  most everyone has.  that's ok, it's what happens when it takes two tries before you find the right one.

which brings me to my topic.  my friends, who are married, and who have marriages in which i admire.  now i realize that what i see and what is may be different, but i think in these cases, these people and their lives are real.  i think these people have genuine love for each other - and in each of these cases, together, they have created a very strong family environment to raise their children.  i wish every child could have a place to feel safe and loved.  i wish all my friends had these kind of relationships.  but, the fact is that that just isn't the way it is.  so, cheers to these couples who do have wonderful relationships and of whom i have picked as my "favorites".  

1.  top of my list is my sister and her husband.  melissa and rob.  these are not only two outstanding people, they are also two outstanding christians, americans, parents, brothers, sisters, teachers, playmates, and i could just make a blog at all the things i love them for.  but, when they met, well, they MET and they were in each other's life forever.  one of those things we just all knew, including them.  i remember i liked rob the first time i met him (which was VERY different from most of the guys my sister dated - i usually did NOT like them!) and after all this time, they have to be the two most in-love people i know.  i mean, really, when we visit them, they make out all the time.  in a way, thet seem too old for that back-seat-on-a-friday-night sorta of thing. (lol)  it won't be long before their kids say "ewww gross" or they have one of those situations like on modern family when the kids make an anniversary breakfast for their parents, but end up walking in on them while phil and claire are having sex. and really really embarrassed the kids but they end up giving them a loud lock for the door as a gift...  lol. i'm sure my sister is embarrassed by now but that's just how it is in the #1 position on analee's lovey list.

2.  rebecca and jeremy:  i met rebecca through puddlejumpers (playgroup).  she's also a photographer so i can't post any of her pictures (they are copyrighted).  rebecca is so sweet and loves her babies also - and if she's not talking about taking pictures, she's talking about her husband:  how they met, how they were engaged, his job, how much the kids love him, how much she love him...  this past christmas, i finally got to meet him.  they all four did work so well together.  i remember one time rebecca was going some where and she was taking her children to her mom - and jeremy was trying to get home so he could have them "alone".  i thought that was cute.  she said he liked to have time with them, and that stuck out in my head about him.  he's a good daddy!  couple-wise, they reminded me of melissa and rob. they go on regular dates.

3.  hannah and lee.  they have a baby and a dog.  they also just took a vacation so it i snagged a picture from her blog.  i don't know if i have ever actually MET hannah - but we probably have.  we met through my (other) sister on facebook, hannah also likes to take pictures.  hannah and lee seem to do everything together and i've never heard her say a bad thing!  he also had an article in the N&O about him recently.  she was proud of that!  they seem to have the co-parenting thing down pat, lee seems very active in their home life.

one thing all my favorite couple friends have in common is that they have babies (some more than others), they seem to communicate well, they are all very happy and outspoken (not shy), and are attractive.  so, is that what it takes to be happy and to have a successful marriage?  probably not.  but, i think that having a happy home life certainly makes for a happy everywhere-else life! i'm so glad to have happy couples in my life! i could make a list much longer than just three. heck, i didn't even include my parents or in-laws!  they are too obvious though!

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