Thursday, February 17, 2011

Marbles Kids Museum

This past Saturday, we took the kids to Marbles Kids Museum.  Boy did they have a blast.  It was $5 each for us to get in, and we stayed there from 10 am until about 2:30 pm, at which time we carried them out kicking and screaming.  They were exhausted.  There is a RolyPoly sandwich by the Imax, they did not like it.  Next time, we will pack our lunch.  We spent $26 on lunch for 4 and ended up taking the kids lunch home with us - and we ate it in the car.  I would have much preferred a PB&J.  I got a salad and, well, it was good but not $7 worth!  :)  We parked for free in a parking deck off Blount Street, right by the museum.  During the week, it is $1 per hour.  Yay that weekends are free!  There was no street parking (we looked!)

Inside the museum, they enjoyed it ALL.  Holly especially liked the NICU area, where she managed 6 babies including diapering, feeding, wrapping them in blankets, and successfully keeping other kids away from them. She also checked their "xrays" to make sure they were ok.  She's such a little mama.  After he was peeled out of the bus (which he was most impressed with), Kendal was fond of the soccer area.  He spent about an hour kicking a ball to the same girl who was playing goalie.  He also like the theater area, where he danced for a few women ("brown" women, who were telling him to shake it - I think they thought it was cute to see a white boy dance).  They both enjoyed the kitchen area.   The most interesting I saw other than my own kids was other kids turning the amblance area into a travel vet:  They moved all the animals from the stables into the back of the ambulance and were treating them there (which was right by the NICU).  It was adorable.

I think this year, we are going to join Marbles instead of the NC Zoo.  It costs twice as much ($100 for an annual membership for a family to Marbles) but it is only 30 minutes away (rather than 2 hours) and they have member specials.  So, we'll probably go more which means we'll get our money's worth.  We just have to go five times to get our money back.  And, i'm pretty sure that I could go five consecutive weeks!!!  If we didn't have our anniversary date planned for this Saturday, I'd say we'd be going again this Saturday!  Heck, I wonder if we can squeeze in a couple of hours on Sunday. 

It really is a lot of fun!  I'm 35 years old and I am hooked on Marbles

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