Sunday, February 27, 2011

NCSU Belltower and Dandelions in February (for Chris)

I took a ton of pictures at the Belltower.  My challenge was "perspective" (meaning I was trying to get something looking dimensional) in which a corner was involved.  I started with the KK building, but that didn't work so well.  The angle of the building just didn't work for it.  I thought the belltower may work but, to my surprise, it is REALLY hard to get that pointy sky scraper to be angled right in the lens.  Here are a few examples of my bad pictures:

here are a couple that i actually like, with their black and white equivalent.  i was actually shooting in black and white (my screen was showing black and white).  these still have their flaws, though.  both are a little crooked.  but, like i said - standing beneath it, it is hard to get it straight! 

This one is my favorite from the lunch break session.  I noticed some daffodils blooming and I took my camera OFF my neck and just held it off the ground and started clicking (on auto setting).  Out of about 10 shots, three turned out in focus (i had on my 50mm lens and i was close - so the focus range is different than my other lenses).  The other two shots were crooked though.  This one is just gorgeous though.  

And, this picture is totally for Chris.  PROOF that dandelions were blooming in early February in Raleigh! Date taken was February 7th, 2011!

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  1. Nice 'dils... You had me beat by at least a week-and-a-half, if not two weeks; I didn't see the first daffies around here until right after my bidet (b'day)!

    Enien - an ENC 'onion'.



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