Sunday, February 27, 2011

Mr. Sunshine

Thursday nights are our favorite night to watch TV.  Big Bang Theory comes on, and then Bleep My Dad Says comes on after that.  We LOVE that show.  But for some reason, they have either cut it or moved it to another day and time without letting anyone know when and where it comes on.  Boo for ABC.  Mad at the TV, Nathaniel turned it but nothing else was on.  We ended up watching the show that replaced Bleep My Dad Says, which was Mr. Sunshine.

Oh.  My.  God.  ...Hilarious.  The show's theme song is now Nathaniel's theme song, to me.  I sing it to him all the time.  he's probably sick of it.  The show itself was pretty funny.  It is the third episode, according to the ABC website for it.  Matthew Perry stars in it.  We'll be watching it next week.

Here is a scene from this past week's episode.  Listen to the theme song, which is right at the beginning.  MR. Sunshine, Ehhhh.  So, Nathaniel.  ehhh.

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