Saturday, February 19, 2011


he had quite a few isms yesterday.  since holly was home sick and daddy stayed home with her, i got the pleasure of picking him up by myself.  we had to go to target to get medicine for her.  he talked my ear off all the way there.  he said:

mommy, i want to go to the target to the grocery store and get some sprike.  (the only time they get sprite is at target, or at a fast food resturant.)

next, he said:

mommy, i want to see a police man and give him a big hug.  he's gonna say "kendal, whatcha doing boy?" and then he's gonna say "kendal, you're a good boy."  i want to see a blue one, not a black one.  black ones are not nice.  (i think he is referring to the color of the car not the color of their skin.  thus far, he has not noticed that people are colored differently.)

later, we went to macdonalds for a treat-dinner.  though nathaniel denies taking him there without me knowing, kendal clearly has knowledge of the place.  we went through the drive through.  i asked him if he wanted a chicken nugget happy meal.  he said:
mommy, yea, i wanna chicken nugget happy meal.  mommy, except, can i get it without the chicken nuggets and it just be a french fry happy meal?

when we got to the ordering spot, i rolled down both of our windows.  he said (loudly)

yea.  he never goes to macdonalds.  considering I always order a happy meal for myself, i'm gonna say his daddy goes more often than he remembers!  :)

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