Sunday, April 10, 2011

black and white: photo challenge

this one is so hard for me.  i have such issues with converting a photo into black and white.  i have 3 actions that do it and hardly ever is it just right.  plus, my children look so good in color.  just a plain desaturation doesn't do it nor do any of the "convert to black and white" options that elements offers, and with all the adjustments in the world, i have a hard time getting just what i want.  guess it is one of those "everyone elses are better than mine" sort of deals...  and, i just need more practice.  that is why i rarely have black and white as a final product.  i'm never satisfied.

thepapermama has a rule with her photo challenges in which your child has to be in the picture:  any G-rated part of the child, it doesn't have to be the face.

for this picture, i am going to enter a picture of holly's hand.  i used one of MCP's actions for this black and white conversion - with a lot of tweeking - but i think the "jewels" are super shiny and holly's snow white skin doesn't appear to blown out. it was simply the best i could do...

The Paper Mama

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