Wednesday, April 6, 2011

radioactive chickens

I don’t think this is secret or confidential and when it was mentioned to me, it was said “this would make a great blog topic.”  I didn’t think so at first but the more I thought about it, the more I agreed.  I agree because I believe every American should be provided with safe food, water, and products that are free from chemicals that will have short or long term negative effects on their bodies – REGARDLESS of their income.  I certainly can’t decide for everyone what to do, but I can help educate.  (i.e., you can lead a horse to water but you can’t make them drink.)

Who shops at Walmart?  Do you buy your meat there?  Do you trust Walmart to provide you with quality meat?  Why do you shop at Walmart?  Is it because their meat is cheap?  Do you understand that, regardless of the pricetag, all meat isn’t the same (i.e. the chicken on sale at Walmart is NOT the chicken on sale at whole foods or on sale by a local farmer who raised the chicken himself)? 

Does someone who buys chicken at Walmart do so only because of the bottom line price?  Is it because that is all they can afford?  Isn’t it important that they be protected from large animal farmers who use poor management to raise large birds on poor quality feed or inject the meat with water to make it weigh more?  In essence, the Walmart shoppers aren’t getting a quality product. 

What if there was a poor management, large scale poultry farmer in the US who started importing their grain from a company who blended their feed with corn from eastern Russia – where the soils were still contaminated from the Chernobyl explosion?  That radiation would be transferred via the feed to the birds that were sold to Walmart.  All those Walmart customers would then be buying that meat and feeding it to their families here in the US.

Do you think I’m making up a horrible story?  Well I’m not.  Right here in NC, there is a poultry farm owned by a non-US company that plans to feed their birds 100% corn (not blended) from eastern Russia.  They plan to sell their birds to Walmart.  The FDA is deciding whether this is OK or not.  I can guarantee that you’ll never hear one way or another.  If you shop at Walmart, there won’t be a label indicating that your food is radioactive.  Or, that you may get cancer if you eat it.

YOU SHOULD KNOW WHERE YOU FOOD COMES FROM.  Buy local.  You pay more but you can eat less meat and eat more veggies.  You can also rest easy knowing that you don’t have cancer from a nuclear explosion that happened 20 years ago.  You can rest easy because you know you’re supporting local farmers. 

Lastly, regardless of where I buy my meat – which is never at Walmart – I think the people who DO shop at Walmart for their meat should be protected.  Feeding for-consumptions animals this type of feed should be illegal in the US.

here's an article i found online about this same topic:


  1. It's the Ukraine, not Russia. FYI...

  2. This comment has been removed by the author.

  3. you didn't catch that i wrote "eastern" russia! ukraine borders to the west.

    plus, i was making a point - not trying to be technically correct (about where the feed was coming from or who owned the company...). i actually wasn't even sure if i was supposed to be discussing the topic, so i was relieved when i saw the article that i linked above.

    thanks for reading!

  4. I totally agree. Everyone should have the right to eat good food. Organic shouldn't be so expensive.



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