Saturday, April 16, 2011

Kendal and Holly

i haven't really written about them lately and i thought i'd write about them.  you know, like about how they've been growing and things like that.

kendal has been to two birthday parties over the past two weeks.  both were at "bounce houses" - previously, he has never wanted to even get inside them.  he has finally developed enough that he likes them.  last sunday when we went to pump it up, he ended up alone inside one of them.  he stood up!  that takes a lot of balance and i was really proud of him.  he also likes to play air hockey.

holly likes head bands.  she also likes hair bows.  i'm ever grateful to myself for buying every color of bow they have at silly goose (a children's boutique) so that she has one to match every outfit. 

kendal likes to pee in other potties.  other, meaning any potty that is not located in his house.  he also likes to do it himself, in the stall himself, without his mama.  and, he can.  that makes me proud too.  i realize that most kids can do that way earlier so you can understand my relief that it is finally happening.  now if he would only get the poo in the potty (he's a fast pooper, most times it happens on the way TO the potty...)

holly prefers her dora PJs.  thankfully, we have 2 pairs.  she even got new PJs from grammie and grandpa and she STILL wants to wear the dora ones.  she also has dora sheets.  everything dora.  she always wants to watch dora movies.  we are really tired of dora.  i know she'll grow out of it, just like kendal did for wonder pets.

kendal and holly both are into watching real movies now.  like, not the 15 minute episode shows.  we watched (finally all the way through) alice in wonderland that holly got for her 2nd birthday from j2s2 (her aunt and uncle and her cousins).  and, the sponge bob movie that kendal got for his 1st birthday from "uncle" chris.  they also have watched cars and monsters, inc. and some other movies like that.  holly right now is watching cinderella on VHS on the VCR that kate's uncle mark's mom (as opposed to amy's uncle mark - we do have to differentiate since we have two uncle marks) gave us.  she intermittently is drawing on the chalkboard.  she has a hard time sitting still.

kendal can write capital As now.  we didn't even know he could do it until last week one day we were out in the driveway with chalk and he wrote one on the ground and said "look mom, and A!"  it was good, too!

holly can draw just about any shape you ask her to.  even apples (with a stem and leaf).  at school, they decorated bunnies and hers had drawn-on buttons on his shirt (like a snowman) and loops on his ears and paws.  everyone elses was just scribbled with markers.  even the teacher commented that holly's was very advanced for a 2 year old - she'd never seen a child draw that on one before.  holly has always loved to draw.  (which reminds me of the coloring set that amy brought to holly's birthday party that i think was intended for kendal but holly opened it... holly STILL plays with that set!)  she spends a lot of time on the chalk board and uses so many wipes cleaning it.  the eraser isn't good enough for her, she needs wet wipes!  ha!

ok, so that is about all i can think of. 

oh, and holly is officially a pull up girl now.  though, she doesn't really pee in the potty but she does try (just no success).  she also sings all the time.  constantly, really.  right now she's singing "this old man" but 5 minutes ago she was singing "ba ba black sheep."

life is great with children!

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