Saturday, April 16, 2011

holly-wood. seriously.

i spent my gymbucks last week.  my goal was to buy stuff ONLY for kendal, but when i decided to buy him swimtrunks and a rash guard, i went ahead and got holly a swimsuit and a big hat to protect her head.

the box came yesterday (friday).  the sad thing was that kendal could have cared less for what was in it.  holly, though, every time i pulled out something new said "for me?" and i had to say "no, for kendal."  i waited until last to show her her new swimsuit and hat.  and, she didn't like it.

...until later.  much later.  like, at that anything-but-go-to-bed time.  she wanted to put it on so i let her.  she was so adorable in it.  it was a little big on her length wise (tight width wise) so i think it'll fit just right this summer.  the hat, well, it's big enough to fit me (one great thing about having kids with extra large heads) so i can wear it when she decides that she hates it.

here are some of her not-so-glamorous shots.





showing kendal her new outfit...


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  1. Um... seriously... can I get that exact bathing suit and hat?!? I want one too!



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